Expect Disney-Fox purchase announcement Thursday, sources say

The Disney purchase of the lion’s share of Fox assets is set for a Thursday announcement, according to a report by CNBC. (video below)

The deal, expected to be worth $40 billion to $60 billion in value will include Disney taking on some of Fox’s debt, according to reports. This could be to allow Disney to avoid negative tax implications from the deal.

If it comes to fruition, Disney will acquire the 20th Century Fox film and TV production studios, its catalog and intellectual property, the FX cable networks, the National Geographic channel and film and TV archives, and the Fox-branded regional sports networks. Fox would keep the Fox Broadcasting Network and TV stations as well as the Fox-branded news and national sports channels, according to reports.

Disney also would be picking up the Fox-owned international assets as India’s Star satellite system and its Sky satellite holdings in Europe.

Fox and Disney on ‘glide path’ for Thursday deal announcement: Sources from CNBC.