Genre Magazine strives to be the highest quality reliable news source for technology and science fact, fiction, and business as well as covering popular culture from a progressive nerd’s viewpoint, geared to an a 35 to 54 year old audience.

After having worked in the mainstream press for the better part of two decades, Speakman became frustrated with dismissive attitude that online publishers had toward writers and visual artists.

Additionally, most SF-themed sites seemed to be very biased in a heterosexual fanboy vein and openly gush in a very overly forgiving manner; refusing to take a critical eye when discussing their topic of choice.

The intention of this site is to provide high-quality and reliable news and reviews written by fans for fans. Genre Magazine articles – short and long – strive to achieve the following goals:

  • To be written with a progressive, feminist, and LGBT fan’s point of view.
  • To not be dismissive of science fiction/fantasy/horror fandom.
  • To be written or presented in a professional manner or at least in a manner that is not insulting to the intelligence of the audience.
  • To be verifiable and trustworthy.
  • To not be afraid of criticizing the flaws of a SF/F/H work in a well-reasoned and truthful manner.