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Genre is seeking writers of news, essays, reviews, how-to guides, viewer guides, recaps, original fiction and art contributions. You don’t have to be professional writer or artist to contribute, but it helps if you approach your work with a professional work ethic. Topics and subject matters appropriate for Genre are any subject matter that deals with futurism, technology, and science fact and fiction, culture, business, and entertainment. This includes any “speculative fiction” genre, its fandom and culture. Speculative fiction “genres” for our purposes are defined as science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror, dark fantasy, spy-fi and the “alternates” such as alternate histories, universes or realities. (NOTE: Because they lack a supernatural element, this list does not include the genres known as splatter/slasher horror, torture porn or run-of-the-mill action adventures or thrillers. We also definitely do not accept rape fantasies of any kind.) 

News: Should be between 100 and 1,000 words and written in a journalistic style – WITH NO OPINION –  and pertaining to culture, entertainment, or business of technology or science fact or fiction or its enthusiasts or fandom – for lack of a better term, “nerd and geeks.” Of particulat interest is news that pertains to traditionally overlooked or ignored communities: women, LGBTs, and POCs.

Essays: Should be between 100 and 3,000 words pertaining to technology or science fact or fiction or its enthusiasts or fandom – for lack of a better term, “nerd culture.”

Reviews: Should be more than no 500 words pertaining to and book, film, comic, television program, game or resource with a speculative fiction theme or that appeals to its fandom.

Guides: Should be long enough to ensure they are thorough and easy-to-understand (Usually 1,000 words or more). The focus of your guide should be our target readership: intelligent, progressive speculative fiction aficionados.

Art, Cartoons and Comics: Should be your original work with a subject matter inspired by speculative fiction or its fandom. Your art should be in electronic form in high-quality (300 dpi) web-friendly formats such as .jpg, .gif. .png. Ordinarily, you will be responsible for scanning your own drawings into one of these formats.

Fiction: Should be your original speculative fiction work and be fewer than 10,000 words as to be at a web-friendly length. PLEASE REVIEW THE GENRE MAGAZINE COPYRIGHT POLICY.

Pay Rates: Currently, Genre is in start-up mode. Our eventual goal is to pay for original fiction at $0.06 per word; non-fiction at a flat rate of $5-$300+ per article; and original art and photography at the “going rate.” For now, content creators are payed handsomely in egoboo. We are working on a process of crediting early contributors to Genre with the goal of reimbursing them once advertising and subscription revenues exceed the expenses of maintaining this site.

Distribution: Genre is fully distributed on Google News (500 million users) and the Apple News App (70 million users). Your challenge is to attract their attention to get them to see your stuff.

To inquire about contributing, please go to the Contact page and tell us about yourself and pitch your ideas.

Last updated: November 11, 2017 at 22:36 pm